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As a disclosure, I have no affiliation with Foursquare whatsoever…but I’ve had a man-crush on their founders for a while and can assure you their approach exemplifies the philosophy above.Some might argue the events above were serendipitous rather than deliberate.To me, the most beautiful aspect of their execution has been in rolling out features at the precise moment when their user-base is primed for them, constantly reinventing their product and the space as a whole.In 2010, when asked about the future, Dennis Crowley believed that Foursquare was only “10% of what it needs to be.” If asked today — despite all their unbelievable growth — I’d imagine the visionary in him would say it’s still nowhere near complete.As for dating, a casual “crush” feature to connect strangers was part of Dodgeball years ago, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s somewhere in Foursquare’s product backlog today.Mobile users will soon grow tired from app-fatigue, and Foursquare aims to provide the solution.And there should be no doubt that Foursquare’s best work lies ahead.

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Or asking people checked into The Bubble Lounge, “How long is the line? ” With the answerer being awarded 5 Foursquare points.We never share specific product plans ahead of time, but we’re focused on designing product around the intersection of people, place, and time, and events are naturally a big part of that.Foursquare supposedly partners with Groupon, Living Social, and others to distribute deals — but in trying to locate these deals within Foursquare, only Scout Mob deals appear to be active. They may feel they’re becoming middlemen to merchants, who’d probably prefer creating specials on Foursquare without forfeiting revenue. In anticipation of Foursquare’s three-year anniversary, AJ examines the success of Foursquare from a Product Manager’s perspective. He currently works on startups in local discovery and e-commerce.

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