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Pleaze Me wants to build a place where not only is this open and free discussion paramount to improving our views toward sex and sexuality, but provide content to highlight travel destinations, events and give us a safe place to have the conversations about ourselves we might be hesitant to elsewhere.

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Also see: Verizon Looking To Sell Tumblr, Which Could Save Tumblr Apparently Americans are currently caught in a sexual drought, being caught up in their devices.

While that might hold some truth, they could just be finding intimacy and discussion online (though not on Tumblr anymore) rather than with their partner.

Since this isn't a therapy session, let's just say that Pleaze Me offers the latter through a colorful and structured environment.

Do you know just how much information about you is stored, leading to the possibility of identity theft? The road to a separate Facebook Messenger app has been a long one.

While a separate app just for messaging has been in the cards since 2011, it wasn’t until 2014 that it became a reality.

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