Expat dating in south korea

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It was a Saturday without much to do, so we walked around the neighbourhood and ended up meandering our way to the site of the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul.

We started at Dongdaemun Design Plaza which has several restaurants, but that whole area is a great place to begin a date.

If you’re taking your date to Namsan Tower, it’s because you’re in lurrrrrve.

Be prepared with lock and key in hand because Seoul N Tower is, indeed, for lovers.

If you’re nearing 30 (I turn 29 next month…scary stuff) the pressure to settle down is greater than ever, and seems almost impossible halfway around the world.

That said, having dropped some weight and having moved to Seoul, my dating life is actually better than ever (even better than in Canada! With tons of new places to explore (date spots in Seoul are everywhere!

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