Error updating file from update server

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For example, if your server runs as https, and your files live in /var/wordpress do a "chown -R apache.apache /var/wordpress." (or CHMOD equivalent) and trying the auto-update again.

If it works, you've resolved the issue, but you should always use the most restrictive permissions possible.

Whenever an update is downloaded from Microsoft servers, they are checked for their validity.

Just like how browsers check for a valid certificate.

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Proper file permissions are the key to smooth auto-Make sure that your entire wordpress directory is owned by the username under which your Apache server runs.5] Clear software distribution and catroot2 folder When Windows downloads the updates, they are kept in a dedicated folder called as Software Distribution.Files download here are automatically deleted once the installation is complete.To resolve this, we are going to download the updates MSU files from the Microsoft Update Catalog, and fully uninstall, then re-install the problematic updates.Ahh yeah, Word Press just rolled out another update to version 3.1.1.

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