Emily b and darrelle revis dating

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She rose to fame as the "First Lady" of G-Unit, as the first female signed to G-Unit Records.

The first two seasons chronicle her struggles to comeback in the music industry after a series of career misfires.

His spot on the field was nicknamed "Revis Island," a phrase Revis trademarked, Revis attended Aliquippa High School in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

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Chrissy has been with Jim Jones for six years with no sign of a ring and we all know how Mashonda got dogged out by Swizz Beatz already.

The sad part is — even Olivia, who is on the show for her “hip-hop” career and not the work done by her female parts, couldn’t get claimed by football player Darrelle Revis, who she tells the cameras she’s dating.

Revis didn’t even wait for the show to go off before tweeting: So far it looks like the show will mostly focus on Chrissy — who is desperate enough to propose to Jim, and Emily, who won’t leave Fab alone even though he doesn’t have the decency to walk her down a red carpet after eight years and a child together. Could you date a man who doesn’t claim you after six years, eight years or period???

Emily even STYLES Fab for the very events he won’t escort her to. Keep clicking to check out photos of the cast members.

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