Emeeting dating software version 9 25

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The site is clunky at best and not working usually.

My family is in the IT business and can't fix these issues.

In the end, i paid over ,000 for Advan Date and it never worked as promised and somehow I'm the blame.

A liar do not have to be a thief, but you are both.We needed to make the site ' Ours' to stand-out.We bumped our heads on some edits, but got it figured out.I get support tickets addressed after 5 to 10 days. Before purchasing, I was answered questions very promptly.Do not use this script if you run a business site its NOT ready for prime time. Once I paid, I was told to use the online support system, which is a joke. I am hardly tech savvy ,but Rick and his team have been great!

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