Eclipse maven updating indexes takes forever dating abolfazl

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This rational app developer was the reincarnation of the digital hell.

With Intelli J, the issues are few and when logged, these guys respond within the hour mostly. When people and companies rather pay money instead of using something that is totally free, this should ring a few bells.

Try Plumbr – automatic root cause detection of Java performance issues. And the feature set is also more pleasant, my favourite being the “Smart step into” which allows me to select which method to step into, if I have a code line with multiple method calls. For me as a developer it results in support tickets disappearing into a void for weeks.

No such problems with Intelli J where I always have my questions answered in time and without bouncing the topics between different areas of responsibility.

So, even though we cannot actually measure if we are more productive after the conversion, we are somewhat happier with the tools at hand.

For years, our friend Anton Arhipov has tried to convince us.

He kept failing until he demoed something as simple as ALT ENTER.

Whether I am editing a Java, Javascript, HTML or a JPA query – the syntax support is really good and the operations I perform are uniform across languages. Eclipse tried to offer “the best perspective” for me while I was dealing with different issues at hand.

I do not need to learn a set of new shortcuts each time I switch away from Java. For me it meant that my screen layout got mangled each time I switched from development to debugging or refactoring.

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