Drupal 7 hook menu validating argument from url

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With Drupal, we use the Pathauto module to configure these types of standard content paths.But in some cases, there's no option to create a nice URL pattern, so we end up seeing those URLs.Drupal has already defined a handler that validates if the data is a number, called element_validate_number.So we need to add the following to our form element: Just one line of code can handle validation. An individual form element handler with pre define core function, does not allow you to write custom error messages.

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To make the example work, we need the following configuration to be in place (most of this you get out-of-the-box with Drupal, you'll just need to add the Slug field): hook tells Views about the various database tables, fields and the relevant plugins associated to them.Using this approach, a site editor will be able to configure what the URL path will look like.It has been assumed that you know: to help us fix this problem.Terminology will be used in most of the forms where the end user has the required data with self and is ready to validate the same before submission.It gives assurance that the data posted to table does not have any miscellaneous data.

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