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For the Incas being “Inca” meant being a member of the group identified by that name.

They considered themselves superior to the other tribes and being Inca was a source of pride; only descendants of the original tribe were true Inca or children of the Sun.

Their centrally planned economy, the collection of tribute, a draconian law system, food security and its fair distribution along with free health care and education were the basis of its economic and social success and in that sense securing the loyalty of its subjects.

To consolidate this alliance they established family ties.Some of them like Machu Picchu laid buried for centuries before it was discovered in 1911.Other Inca cities, yet to be discovered, may lay buried under modern buildings .If they did not accept the gifts they used force to subdue the tribe and since the Incas had a more powerful military force they always succeeded.The local leaders were executed to secure loyalty among the population. Ruins in Peru tell stories of the fallen Inca Civilization and its predecessors.

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