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Pepsi then experimented with several different color schemes throughout the 1990’s.The Pepsi Globe, the official term for the round Pepsi logo, started getting greater and greater emphasis within the logos during this time.There, in order to make a name for himself, he came up with the first which is found above.Then, in 19, Pepsi’s logo was redesigned to be more identifiable to the customer base.This logo became wildly popular and, to this day, the is the same.Then, in 1973, Pepsi introduced the “boxed-in” Pepsi logo.Notice the condensation and ice on the Pepsi Globe.With less than a month to go until the 2019 i Phone launch, the hype machine is fizzing with predictions and rumours.

This is Apple, so we must also bear in mind that a curve ball is always possible.

However, there are other options which Apple might go with, including the i Phone Pro or 11 Pro.

This is based on a tweet from a leaker who correctly predicted the naming conventions of the i Phone XR and XS.

But Ives predicts that all three of this year's phones will appear in September 2019.

Looking further ahead, it's believed that four new i Phones will be released in 2020, to include a low-cost version as well as models with 5G capabilities.

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