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Buddhas are understood as beings that have achieved a state of complete spiritual enlightenment and are no longer constrained by the phenomenal world.

Bodhisattvas, who are also enlightened, choose to remain accessible to others.

As Buddhism, took root in China, it became a major cultural force, inspiring some of China's most brilliant paintings and sculptures.

The periods of Chinese Buddhist art closely parallel the phases the Buddhist religion was going through in China .

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It has been debated that Guanyin’s origins go back to Taoism, the indigenous religion of China.Here we look separately at the evolution of the different divine beings in the Buddhist pantheon, then look briefly at groupings of deities.” [Source: Patricia Buckley Ebrey, University of Washington, /=\] Websites and Resources on Buddhism: Buddha Net ; Religious Tolerance Page ; Wikipedia article Wikipedia ; Internet Sacred Texts Archive ; Introduction to Buddhism edu/cgboer/buddhaintro ; Early Buddhist texts, translations, and parallels, Sutta Central ; East Asian Buddhist Studies: A Reference Guide, UCLA web.; View on Buddhism ; Tricycle: The Buddhist Review ; BBC - Religion: Buddhism uk/religion ; Buddhist Centre; A sketch of the Buddha's Life ; What Was The Buddha Like? Dhammika ; Jataka Tales (Stories About Buddha) ; Illustrated Jataka Tales and Buddhist stories in/jatak ; Buddhist Tales ; Arahants, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas by Bhikkhu Bodhi ; Victoria and Albert Museum uk/collections/asia/asia_features/buddhism/index ; Mahayana Buddhism: Seon Zen Buddhism ; Readings in Zen Buddhism, Hakuin Ekaku (Ed: Monika Bincsik) ; How to do Zazen (Zen Buddhist Meditation) ; Wikipedia article ; Comparison of Buddhist Traditions (Mahayana – Therevada – Tibetan) ; The Mahayana Mahaparinirvana Sutra: complete text and analysis ; Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in Mahayana Buddhism ; The Bodhisattva Ideal in Theravāda Theory and Practice by Jeffrey Samuels ; Zen Buddhism ; The Zen Site ; Wikipedia article on Zen Buddhism Wikipedia ; Buddhist Art: Victoria and Albert Museum uk/collections/asia/asia_features/buddhism/index ; Buddhist Symbols ; Wikipedia article on Buddhist Art Wikipedia ; Guimet Museum in Paris ; Buddhist Artwork ; Asian Art at the British Museum ; Buddhism and Buddhist Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art ; Buddhist Art Huntington Archives Buddhist Art ; Buddhist Art Resources ; Buddhist Art, Smithsonian edu; Buddhism in China Buddhist Studies ; Wikipedia article on Buddhism in China Wikipedia ; Bibliography ; Religion in China: Chinese Government White Paper on Religion ; United States Commission on International Religious Freedom; Articles on Religion in China forum18; Wikipedia article Wikipedia ; Council of Foreign Relations ; Brooklyn College edu ; Religion Facts; Religious Tolerance ; Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ; Academic Info ; Internet Guide to Chinese Studies sino.RELATED ARTICLES IN THIS WEBSITE: BUDDHISM IN CHINA; BUDDHISM; TIBETAN BUDDHISM AND RELIGION; RELIGION IN CHINA; CONFUCIANISM; TAOISM; FOLK RELIGION, SUPERSTITION, FUNERALS; BUDDHISM IN CHINA; EARLY HISTORY OF BUDDHISM IN CHINA; LATER HISTORY OF BUDDHISM IN CHINA; LOTUS SUTRA AND THE DEFENSE OF BUDDHISM AGAINST CONFUCIANISM AND TAOISM; CHINESE BUDDHIST SCHOOLS AND SECTS; CH'AN SCHOOL OF BUDDHISM; CHINESE BUDDHIST TEMPLES, MONKS AND FUNERALS; BUDDHIST CAVE ART IN CHINA; CHINESE BUDDHISM TODAY; MAHAYANA BUDDHISM; MAHAYANA BUDDHISM BELIEFS; MAHAYANA BUDDHISM VERSUS THERAVADA BUDDHISM; SPREAD OF BUDDHISM AND BUDDHIST ART ON THE SILK ROAD; BUDDHISM IN THE TANG DYNASTY; FAXIAN AND HIS JOURNEY IN CHINA AND CENTRAL ASIA; XUANZANG: THE GREAT CHINESE EXPLORER-MONK Denise Leidy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art wrote: “ Long-lasting encounters between Indian and Chinese Buddhism and the beliefs, practices, and imagery associated with their respective traditions remains one of the most fascinating in world history...Over time, Buddhism expanded from its initial focus on the Historical Buddha Shakyamuni to include numerous celestial Buddhas as well as bodhisattvas and other teachers and protectors.Dan Brown made the phrase “sacred feminine” a household term in his bestseller The Da Vinci Code; the concept however, has been in existence for centuries and is a central aspect of ancient, pre-Christian religions.Guanyin, from Chinese Buddhism, is comparable to Mother Mary, an embodiment of mercy and infinite compassion.

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