Dating while going through divorce children involved

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Although most consultations are complimentary, some may carry a charge depending on the type of matter and meeting location.Disclaimer: Our articles and comment responses do not constitute legal advice and are not intended to create an attorney-client relationship.Even if you feel like you can’t stand being married to your wife for even one day longer, there is much emotional turmoil and financial stress that come with getting a divorce. This means going through mediation and deciding civilly, outside of the courtroom, how to work out your divorce.This means coming to terms on how to split assets; property, houses, cars, debt, and the custody of your children.With this article, we will provide insight into whether or not dating during a divorce can affect the outcome.Generally speaking, the actual act of dating while your divorce is pending will not affect the outcome of a divorce.The question of whether or not you should date while going through a divorce commonly gets raised and is met with differing schools of thought.Some say you absolutely should not date while your divorce is pending, while others argue it’s unrealistic to put your life on hold for the length of a divorce (which, unfortunately, can take longer than many would expect).

These arising changes could prolong the divorce process and lead to spending more on attorney fees.

Let’s look at some instances where dating can make the divorce process difficult. Even in uncontested divorces there can be hard feelings between spouses upon the ending of their relationship.

If one spouse finds out the other is dating someone new, they could become angry or upset that their almost former spouse is moving on.

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