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Prepper Dating If you have read much here on my blog you have figured out I am a single Dad.

So I think I’m going to talk about being a prepper and in the dating pool. There are the Funny/ Nuts, the Crazy/Nuts, and the Dangerous/Nuts.

Have a job, a truck, and generally have my life together. They make the best friends and they make great prepper partners. The Crazy/Nuts- these people are farther down the crazy scale.

They are on a shopping list of meds because they are clinically depressed, lonely and seeking attention. Most of them can maintain the veneer of semi sanity for 3-4 months then the crazy jumps out.

Your emotions are a mess, even if you think you are ok.

Adults for the most part can deal, but remember kids don’t have the life experience yet to handle it.

Patience and just be who you are is the best advice I can provide here.

I try not to push because there are some very damaged kids who hate the split and are really defensive about the abandonment issue they are dealing with.

My kids are awesome, you may not find ones like mine, but I hope so.

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