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"Feminism is still a dirty word here, and now with the conservative turn, it's again become a very dangerous thing to declare yourself a feminist." Kartika Jahja, an activist and musician in Jakarta, is pushing back against what she sees as a growing tide against women's rights and sexuality in her country.The chill on talking about sexuality and feminism is both social — "In Indonesia we like to think that people don't have sex before marriage when we actually do" — and a question of political power and oppression.

Many Jakarta women choose to enter this type of industry because it is an easy and quick way to earn money.

Much of her work is related to issues of gender and sexuality.

In 2016, the band released a video Tubuhku Otoritasku (My Body My Authority) that sparked controversy for tackling issues like slut-shamming, body positivity and women's issues.

Arranging dates through good friends – if you are getting sick of the bar scene, asking a good friend for help to hook you up with a local girl in Jakarta would also be a good idea.

First is that you would know they are within the same social circle, have had good education and are earning decent money.

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