Dating several women at once

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One of the guys jokingly said on our first date "Haha I don't know how some people date like 4 different people all at one time, that would be tiring!

" I just kind of laughed that off but didn't reveal that I'm kind of doing that...

Oath will also provide relevant ads to you on our partners' products.Fortunately I never truly cared for her to begin with so I just immediately called and told her to lose my number but had she been someone I had developed feelings for I probably would have felt very used.TL; DR-After the second date you're just treating men like shopping shoes and that's not going to be okay for most guys unless they're doing the same thing.I went on three dates with a guy I thought was cute/smart/fun but the chemistry, in the end, wasn't there with.I just can't imagine a second date having any significance unless we'd either slept together on the first (i.e.

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