Dating service to use dna

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For this reason the sites limit their DNA analysis to the genes of the immune system to make its matches.These genes, known as HLA (human leukocyte antigen) genes (also sometimes referred to as MHC for major histocompatibility complex) control how the immune system recognizes and fights off viruses, fungi and bacteria and is also the portion of the genome doctors look at when looking for compatible organ donors.This is because such birth control effectively tricks the female body into thinking it is pregnant and studies have shown that pregnant women are more attracted to those with similar immune systems.The evolutionary theory is that, in the wild, pregnant females couldn’t count on their babies’ fathers to stick around and help raise their young so women were drawn to a more reliable support system such as their immediate family.Although the science can be compelling, Scientific Match admits that physical chemistry alone is not enough to guarantee a successful relationship, or even attraction.For this reason the site doesn’t rely solely on DNA analysis to find matches, but also makes use of those online dating standards or personality profiles and personal preferences when looking for matches.The DNA is extracted from saliva, and scientists specifically examine the HLA gene complex for matches, or rather, differences, among participants.

Upon signing up you’ll receive a DNA collection kit in the mail, which includes a pack of sterilized cotton swabs.

The computer system, which generates the matches, is the only thing that ever links the two together and the DNA sample is destroyed after it has been analyzed.

After the analysis, which takes around two weeks, Scientific Match will present you with your matches and let you choose which ones interest you the most.

But even with all of those, you never know if you’re going to be compatible with the people you’re matched with; after all, matchmaking based on a wish list is a flimsy science at best.

That’s why, to strive for something a little more certain, a popular matchmaking company is offering a new service that matches people based on DNA.

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