Dating landing page example

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Often, it is thought that response is everything - so objectives are not thought through, but this can lead to data capture pages that are too simple.

Typical communications objectives in order of importance are: It is important to run through these objectives as, sometimes, it is just the two primary objectives related to data capture that mainly determine landing page design and not the secondary objectives, which are equally important.

So this prompts the question, which factors make for the most effective landing page? This post gives a summary of my top 12 tips and places to look to find more examples.

The downside is that they may not work so well in terms of converting both direct referrers and browsers navigating from elsewhere on the site.

They also need to be search optimized, which may add to the costs of the campaign.

I know of one e-commerce manager for a multi-national technology vendor who tries to educate their hundreds of web and traditional marketing specialists to not use the bespoke landing page approach but to always try to integrate into the existing site structure.

Often though, there is not one right or wrong approach and a hybrid can be used, i.e.

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