Dating cheerleaders intimidating quotes for sports

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He said, “the wild thing.” In an era that brought us reality television, Vince Mc Mahon, the master showman, was willing to take things as far as anyone could imagine and put the cameras in places they had never gone before. On game day, the cheerleaders were normally not found on the field.They were featured on specially constructed platforms situated within the stands, right where the hungry eyes of the fans could get a good look at them.

then, when the quarterback fumbles or the wideout drops a pass — and we know who he’s dating — I want our reporters right back in her face on the sidelines demanding to know whether the two of them did the wild thing last night.” That’s right.A large crowd of men usually surrounded the cheerleader’s location.Why would a woman sign up to be an ogled at by strange men?Unfortunately for Vince Mc Mahon, using cheerleaders to garner popularity for his league didn’t always go well.In what is now billed as the “worst halftime football stunt in history,” Vince Mc Mahon sent a cameraman into the Orlando Rage Cheerleaders locker room.

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