Dating batman

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With a history in comics that spans nearly eighty years, a character like Bruce Wayne is bound to have a slew of love interests up his sleeve.

Make no mistake, Batman may be harsh and brooding, but the Dark Knight gets around.

Narratives such as these make for interesting reading, or watching.

Their intense passion is not born from some idyllic setting or affectionate circumstance.The Man of Steel is caught in a tough spot that ultimately ends well for him, since the couple’s relationship is a relatively short one.In the end, though, the longevity of their union matters little; as lovestruck as they appear, they are bound to have had plenty of fun to remember each other by.Batman’s a fascinating character; therefore, his choice of love interests must be equally as intriguing.In the following list, we will take a look at some of these women and their connection to the man behind the cape and cowl.

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