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“And while it’s obviously very innocent, it’s certainly had tongues wagging.They just seem so comfortable around one another, so relaxed.” Now, Gossip Cop checked out the facts stated in the article and deduced in the end that it was a phony story.Normally, whenever a report pops up that Liam Hemsworth is dating someone new, Miley Cyrus has a meltdown and proceeds to throw shade at their relationship or act out on social media.But it looks like Miley has finally moved on too, and she is so busy making out with her new girlfriend Stella Maxwell that she probably won’t even notice Liam’s name in the headlines. Does Miley Cyrus care, or is she too smitten with her girlfriend Stella? PLEASE HELP CDL GROW, SHARE on FACEBOOK and TWEET THIS POST!Alexa Chung and Alexander Skarsgard began dating in 2015, allegedly right after Alexa’s fling with Chris Martin fizzled and died out.Chris of course began dating Jennifer Lawrence soon after, whereas Alexa went a little more low-key and began dating Alexander Skarsgard.

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“There’s no denying that Brad and Margot have become close friends,” the tipster said.However, rumor has it that one of the reasons (according to Lainey Gossip and other outlets) that Chris Martin left Gwyneth Paltrow was because he wanted to make it work with Alexa.Of course, as we know, that relationship could not sustain itself, and the two went their separate ways – and into other people’s arms. The Hunger Games star is reportedly dating actress Maika Monroe.They met on the set of his new film Independence Day 2 and hit it off immediately.

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