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~~~~~~~ Adjusting vintage pickups up close to the strings also wakes up the banshees in old Dano vintage pickups.After all, it is the clear tones with high dynamics that Danelectro and most De Armond and other low impedence pickups are famous / endeared for, ...why not take the nominal time and effort to learn, practice and realize how to handle & use high dynamics with the playing hands, fingers and different thickness of picks, etc.A number of Danelectro-loving technicains, including myself, feel that 4.7K is a good and robust static impedence to find and savor; A bit more output while still having all of the high dynamics within the 4.0K to 4.7K range.HOWEVER, the extremely good and tight machining tolerances of modern machining makes almost all 1998-2003 Reissue guitars, and their pickups sold as new (NOS now) parts, .....makes almost all Reissue lipstick pickups right on 4.0K ohms.


(8) If there is wax potting on the coil / magnet bundle or inside the lipstick tube, then reassembly will have to be done in and out of the hot air of a hair dryer that's secured to blow DOWN onto the work without holding the hairdryer, moving the work in and out of the air to keep the wax on the work very soft.(9) Reassemble the pickup in reverse order of disassembly; by feeding it's leads back through their hole in the lipstick tube, ....

ENSURING that the coil / magnet bundle is turned / oriented to have the OPPOSITE UP magnetic polarity of the other pickup's UP magnetic polarity, AND by the chalk mark make sure that the coil / magnet bundle is going back into the lipstick tube with it's desired magnet pole aligned EXACTLY UP (not tilted) as it goes back into the lipstick tube.

Note: If a pickguard has a foil backing or has a foil faraday cage; Then pot grounds are often carried from pot to pot through the foil, sandwiched tight by the washers and nut on the pots mounting sleeves.

In that scheme, some wires in this schematic would be accomplished by simply soldering The very low value capacitor in series with the main signal line excentuates high frequencies by filtering out the "fuzziness" / distortion / "grittiness" of lower freqs while allowing the stronger part of the full range signal to pass on through.

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