Dallas and starr still dating 2016

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Baylor retained the services of Pepper Hamilton, a law firm out of Pennsylvania that specializes in offering consulting and recommendations to colleges and universities facing issues around sexual assault on campus.

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Local and national media called Baylor offices and administrators to ask if Starr was still president, getting answers ranging from “as far as I know” to “I can’t answer that question” until, finally, the school communicated via a press release that it “will not respond to rumors, speculation, or reports based on unnamed sources.” It was a testy and somewhat confrontational response, but Baylor’s statement briefly put a lid on the simmering pot that had national outlets like the reporting the item about Starr—which turned out to be wrong.Reports surfaced that allegations against Tre’von Armstead and Shamychael Chatman, two other football players, weren’t investigated by Baylor for two years.But sexual assault allegations weren’t only levied against football players—stories continued to spill out involving students involved in the fraternity system, the tennis team, engineering, architecture, and more.Yet during the past decade or so, Baylor’s national prominence has shifted radically.It has scaled up its ambition—to become a top-tier university, to have a nationally ranked football program, to build state-of-the-art facilities on its once-sleepy campus.

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