Cystic fibrosis dating people with cystic fibrosis

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In rare cases, cystic fibrosis can manifest itself as a coagulation disorder.Vitamin K is normally absorbed from breast milk, formula, and later, solid foods.

The most common infection involves bacterial strain mutation to form a biofilm-forming and sustaining mucoid strain on the lung epithelium, which can result in downstream mechanisms that progress the infection.

Poor uptake of vitamin D from the diet because of malabsorption can lead to the bone disease osteoporosis in which weakened bones are more susceptible to fractures.

The main cause of infertility in men with CF is congenital absence of the vas deferens (which normally connects the testes to the ejaculatory ducts of the penis), but potentially also by other mechanisms such as causing no sperm, abnormally shaped sperm, and few sperm with poor motility.

This may cause facial pain, fever, nasal drainage, and headaches.

Individuals with CF may develop overgrowth of the nasal tissue (nasal polyps) due to inflammation from chronic sinus infections.

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