Convicted felon dating sites accomodating density portland oregon

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Members of the public can search by ZIP code, street address, city and state to generate an area map with the locations of ex-cons identified.

While these sites offer an easy option for identifying felons in your local community, be aware of their limitations.

True is known for its strict policies regarding background checks, which are used to ensure that members are not felons or married.

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Some people have asked in their profiles not to be winked at for this exact reason.

At the time of publication, the only official database showing where offenders are located is the sex offenders' register.

Some private databases offer this service for a fee, and they may be more or less successful in addressing your local crime concerns.

This will pull up a listing of offenders within a defined radius of the area you're searching.

Most jurisdictions allow you to register for community alerts, which will notify you whenever a registered sex offender moves into the neighborhood.

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