Client computer not updating time

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Time Sources In the Registry, at the following path, you will find the default servers like time.and gov as individual numbered entries.It was here that I found the IP address that the w32tm /query /source command returned.After I changed it from All Sync to NT5DS, I ran the command w32tm /config /update and the w32tm /query /source command to see that its source was now a domain controller.I then ran w32tm /resync and watched it fall back in line with the other computers as time went on.Clients with the privilege to perform scheduled update check the client update source for updates based on the schedule that you specify.Before specifying the schedule, select the clients that can perform scheduled update.A configuration must have been changed manually somewhere, which meant I got to dive into all of these settings in order to track down where the change had been made.

Yesterday, I got to dive into a computer that had been setup by a vendor and was receiving a different time than the domain computers even though it had been joined to the domain.

This told me where it was hard-coded but it wouldn’t do me any good to just remove the source.

I wanted it pulling from the domain, not a NTP server directly.

Optionally initiate Scan Now (manual scan) on client computers after the update.

When ready to initiate component update, the Office Scan server sends update notifications to clients, which informs them to check the server for the latest components.

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