Christopher masterson and laura prepon dating american cultural dating matrimonials websites

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Tom Cruise, the Hollywood heartthrob was reported to be quite happy after going on a date with Laura Prepon.

A British magazine even claimed that 51 year old Cruise was on cloud nine after their date and that there might be sparks flying.

At present they were able to maintain the relationship without much difficulty despite of their profession and other social works.Her first known boyfriend was fellow actor Topher Grace who was predicted to be the next heartthrob on the silver screen, after being the main character of That 70’s show, but he failed to live up to his reputation while other Ashton Kucher, Mila Kunis and Laura Prepon outlasted Topher in their respective careers.Laura’s affair with Topher was just a year long and they broke up in 1999 citing unstated problems between the two.After learning drama in New York and even acting in a few plays in the same city, she premiered on in a show named They Go On which was an internet-based show opera.She has even worked as a model and done photo-shoots at quite a few places such as Milan, Paris and Brazil.

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