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Bipolar people who experience hypomania, however, tend to forget the effects of their actions on those around them.

The condition is divided into bipolar I disorder if there has been at least one manic episode, with or without depressive episodes, and bipolar II disorder if there has been at least one hypomanic episode (but no manic episodes) and one major depressive episode.

Some studies have shown that genetic differences have predisposed males toward more aggressive behavior-- (hormones like testosterone and androgens in the male and progesterone and estrogen in the female).

But outside of aggression, other biologically derived differences have not been conclusively discovered.

The number of reported stressful events in childhood is higher in those with an adult diagnosis of bipolar spectrum disorder compared to those without, particularly events stemming from a harsh environment rather than from the child's own behavior.

Hypomania may feel good to some persons who experience it, though most people who experience hypomania state that the stress of the experience is very painful.

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