Cancer dating virgo man

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Water can give Earth life but give too much, you can destroy life itself.It’s honestly just a matter of tolerance and compromise with this pairing and every other sign pairings in general.Her sensitivity endears her to others but it also causes her to hurt easily even bearing grudges if her feelings are not reciprocated.She also expects her partner to know what she wants and how she feels at any given moment.Virgos tend to have difficulty opening up to other people but I have seen that it may be worse with Virgo men specifically.They can appear to be so cold and misunderstood that it is really sad at times.They want to be loved but they would not put their heart on the line without being sure.Cancers are water signs and Virgos are earth signs.

Home and family matters most to those born under this sign.Don’t base it entirely off astrology, but Cancers go well with Virgos in general.Cancers are naturally intuitive and understanding when it comes to the emotions of others.Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication and winged messenger of the Gods.The sixth sign of the zodiac is also known as “the sign of service” and it is not surprising that individuals born under this sign are known to be the most selfless of all the zodiac signs.

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