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So it speaks volumes when a Hollywood tragedy sticks in our ADD-addled minds more than six years after the fact.And in that sense, Murphy's death is among the stickiest, chiefly because many believe that far more questions than answers linger.Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show the leading cause of death for American women in Murphy's age range is unintentional injury.

Further, the LAPD won't confirm or deny whether her father's claims of possible "rat poisoning" due to the presence of barium in Brittany's system have been investigated.One outspoken skeptic is respected forensic pathologist Dr.Cyril Wecht, who, after reviewing the Murphy case, tells E!Drugs May Have Played a Bigger Role Than Initially Believed: Sources tell E!News that Brittany was found by Monjack in their master bathroom on Dec. At first, the coroner said Brittany died strictly of "natural causes" after suffering a bout with pneumonia and anemia. County Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter, who says he is aware of the independent lab test, adding, [T]he only thing they found was heavy metals present, but I guess either our folks or doctor explained to them it was due to Brittany coloring her hair…It was determined it was from color.

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