Boomer woman s guide to dating Online chatting wid sluts

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That loneliness and desire for connection are often the signals that we’re ready to date again,” she says. “Don’t go out with the mindset that you’re looking for your next husband or wife,” Yarworth says.

By learning new things, you expand yourself and your social network. That means no fear of rejection, what others will think, or your own insecurities. “If someone rejects you, simply say ‘next’ [and move forward].

“Some people jump back into dating too soon and it feels like they’re just trying to fill a job role.

Be sure you have allowed enough time to heal, because the last thing you want to do is make your date feel like they’re your therapist.” Suzy Lee, MA, LMFT, AASECT certified sex therapist and executive director at The Place Within in Folsom, a non-profit counseling agency, says you should also be honest with potential partners about where you are in the grieving process.

They are not retiring like their parents or grandparents.

With longer life spans, better health, and myriad opportunities to play, work, volunteer, travel, and try new things, Baby Boomers are exploring the next chapter of life with enthusiasm and creativity.

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