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Explore Konoha village and fight against villains like Orochimaru in one of our Naruto games!Games features a wide selection of Naruto and Naruto spin-off games including fighting arcade games from various home and handheld consoles, as well as fan-made and unlicensed flash games.Unfortunately the pacing of that story really dissipated interest for me when the anime cutscenes came so few and far between as I went on, probably due to not enough $ to keep them as frequent as necessary to really make the game all it could be, and all the level grinding between them.

So far I feel the writing, voice acting, and especially music is better than Persona 4, but the combat system at least in Elemia is boring so far and too easy, and the world is not grabbing me as much as the Persona 4 setup around people getting sucked into the TV world if they kiss in front of it or something, I forget now, but it subconsciously it really captured my imagination combining like the symbol of teen romance or kissing at midnight with this mystery of what's going on.

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I played a bit of Persona 4, and really liked the set up and the anime cutscenes.

Non Canon Arena much like the Roman Coliseum, I'll provide a photo and description shortly, as well as provide an area for gambling on site coins!

BECOME RICH, OR GET POOR, LIVE OR DIE, all here in the Reishi made Coliseum : D All tournament crap will occur here!

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