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Because you no longer find men attractive and you say you are unlikely to be with one again, I think this rules bisexuality out for you. Not really, but how you come to understand yourself can change. Just as your mom doesn’t get to decide for you that being a lesbian is a phase, your friends don’t get to decide that you are bisexual because you have dated men in your past.Alfred Kinsey, a famous sex researcher found that there are not really three sexual orientations (gay, bisexual, straight), but rather there is a scale where people fall somewhere along a continuum. Others can try to label you, but ultimately, you have to live with yourself and you get to decide how to identify.With the utilization of the most innovative technology, your registration and login at Bi Sexuality are under the highest protection.You are not required to submit any information you are not comfortable with.Last year I came out to my mom and it was devastating to her and all she said was "This is a phase you’re going through you'll get over it, and it’s because of the people you hangout with." I totally disagree with her.

Des Moines woman who organized a support group for spouses of lesbians and gays in 1994.

Women’s center established in 1970 to serve the university and community. 8 (December 1967) Yanney, Linda J., “The Practical Revolution: An Oral History of the Iowa City Feminist Community, 1965-1975,” Ph. Department of American Studies, University of Iowa, 1996.

Epstein, Harry and Glen, “Lesbianism in Iowa City: an interview,” Iowa Defender, Vol XIII, No. Silander, Aaron, “Emerging Women’s Voices: The story of the Iowa City Women’s Press 1972-1985,” honors degree paper.

Materials concerning gay civil rights date from 1989 to 1992.

State legislator from Iowa City, first elected to the Iowa House of Representatives in 1964.

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