Backdating a file using touch

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At the same time, make will still see the files in debian/foo with the timestamps make expects, and will thus not redo most of the copies and compilations, as it would if the actual files had been backdated with touch.This speeds up some complex package builds on the buildds, and much more importantly speeds up local builds on the maintainer's own machine. This makes us to touch files using a timestamp in the past (compared to the OS clock). This commit improves the touch API by also allowing posix times in `File.touch/2` and also document its defaults. In a nutshell, the Erlang VM would consider the current time (retrieved with when it happens in this comment. -- *José Valim This fixes issue #8450 which was caused by the user of `system_time` when `os_time` should have been used.Fillo is an Excel API for Java and you can query xls & xlsx files.Now, it supports SELECT, UPDATE & INSERT queries with or without WHERE clause.If you start IEx manually and try the different System.system_time/os_time functions, what are the differences between them and the date command? The written file is meant to be behind date, but only for small amounts (the amount it takes for you to run a command). @garazdawi, can you let us know if there is a way for us to ask the OS its realtime and its monotonic time? When I was checking the code, I did through the commit you linked, which points to the v1.6 branch. I think replacing system_time by os_time should be enough to fix this issue. With this change, we phase out the remaining use of Erlang's `:calendar` module in Elixir.

Dez CET 2018 I will exceptionally ping @garazdawi because he may be able to confirm if this is a bug or not before we do report it to the Erlang/OTP team.As another example, unchanged files should preferable keep their timestamps to reduce the size of date-based incremental system backups.- The build tree where the packages are generated serves the purpose of doing this generation, mostly through invocations of make.When you change the linked account for a bank feed, all transactions from that bank feed will be moved to the new linked account.If either the old or new linked accounts have been reconciled since this bank feed was set up, or if you've locked your accounts, you won't be able to switch the linked account.

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