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Also, tumultuous events prior to the climactic catwalk feel a tad rushed; the central character's grief is lost in a swirl of silks and glittering accessories.A gloomy opening welcomes the young Gabrielle and her sister to a convent orphanage, where the diminutive heroine refuses to believe she has been abandoned.Anne Fontaine's biopic is impeccably coiffed and tailored, employing authentic models and jewellery from the Chanel Conservatory, augmented by Catherine Leterrier's costumes which mimic the fabrics and cuts of the original 1930s designs.Fans of Chanel's pure, flowing lines will coo with delight - the attention to detail is meticulous, including 300 extras in period wear for a pivotal racecourse scene.The bond with Devos is nicely played but Nivola fails to generate any sparks of chemistry with his leading lady, leading us to question whether Gabrielle is truly a woman in love.Production values are high throughout and Fontaine's film doesn't outstay its welcome, culminating in a triumphant fashion parade and a rare smile from a woman who fought hard for every success.

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In 1998, she starred in the César-winning film ‘Venus Beauty Institute (1999)’ for which she received widespread recognition.

The image was further boosted by the 2001 spectacle of a movie ‘Amélie’, which was nominated for five Academy Awards as well as won many Cesar and European Film awards.

Audrey Tautou’s bio speaks of her nationality to be French and her ethnicity to be white.

She is best known among fans worldwide for her starring role in 2001’s critical favorite ‘Amélie’.

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