Asp net validating date and time

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Date] is removed and the time share is displayed, the validation works correctly, so it is not a location problem I have also added the following annotation date to View Model, but I did not succeed: [Display Format(Apply Format In Edit Mode = true, Data Format String = "")] I'm not sure, but from what I think the problem is in unobtrusive validation that does not seem to behave right with inputs that display only part of the date. ) causes your browser to show a text box instead of a date picker.

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Right click on the Movies table in Server explorer and click Open Table Definition: In the image above, you can see all the string fields are set to NVARCHAR (MAX). Build the solution, and then open the Package Manager Console window and enter the following commands: attributes indicates that a property must have a value; but nothing prevents a user from entering white space to satisfy this validation.If you want to change the validation logic later, you can do so in exactly one place by adding validation attributes to the model (in this example, the class).You won't have to worry about different parts of the application being inconsistent with how the rules are enforced — all validation logic will be defined in one place and used everywhere.NET Framework helps make your application more robust.It also ensures that you can't forget to validate something and inadvertently let bad data into the database.

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