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An extreme example sure, but it illustrates the point.Having said that, I have found that giving our number out does work in one context-online dating.If you met her in the day you may fair better as the experience will stick with her, but why even risk it?The point of getting her number is to ensure the chase is not over even before it started.After having a few approaches under my belt and asking for girl's numbers I came across Tariq Nasheed's technique on numbers and he does the exact opposite, He gives girls his number instead.Ive never tried it but if someone has, let me know what your results were. Sure, if you were George Clooney you wouldn't need to do any chasing, hell, you wouldn't even be posting here.Even those of us in the game will eventually succumb to ease of servitude rather than deal with the malaise of solitude This doesn't work well at all, at least for me and I have tried it in the past.Women are just wired to be more passive and expect the man to take action and lead the seduction.

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I heard a news report once that when Tim Tebow was in college, an average of 30 women A DAY showed up at his dormitory trying to meet him.

Now you ask, why would I even want her number if she would not text me if she had mine?

Well because say you meet a girl at a night club chances are, she is going to forget whatever chemistry you built up with her and write you off as a chore.

Getting her number allows you to put your skills to work and spit game.

Your ability to text her gives you the ability to remind her what chemistry you guys had with a spontaneous first text, which will help you get through the door. A European girl is more likely to call you than an American.

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