Ask phone number online dating

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Lately though I've been more lazy and just communicate with them through OKC or whatever as they respond quick enough.

Ben is/was a previous boyfriend whom she was still sort of trying to make things work with.

Besides, what happens if you meet someone at a bar and don't have their number and maybe they are late or you are late, or you can't find them, maybe you have to cancel, etc.... So if we haven't traded numbers before the first date, I offer up my number when we set the date (i.e. Numbers are useful for just before you meet so that one of you can contact the other if something comes up. I don't like talking on the phone before a first date, but I give out my number after some solid messaging to help with planning the date.

That's pretty much the only reason I care about them at that point. Probably wouldn't meet someone who refused to give a number, only because I wouldn't feel like I'd be able to get into contact with them if I was running late or whatever.

A lot of women fall for this sort of thing because they don't understand that the guy who does this isn't exactly them.

He's just into whatever the girls will give him.

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