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In the silhouettes, two children are wandering around in a forest, and then a witch emerges. Yet you have to pretend you are not taking the other person in and just jump into free-flowing easy confident conversation.I think we should institute a time-out of 2 minutes where each person walks around the other, looks them up and down, smells them and does some basic checks like stretching their arm out, tapping them to see they’re made of the right material, inspecting their muscle-fat composition.This became very clear to me when I attended a workshop on Social Intelligence earlier this week (with Jaunty – a life school) and came across a framework called the “Pyramid of Attraction”.It’s so highly relevant to our lives that I felt it deserved a blog-post: The point of the pyramid is it shows what weighs the most in your attraction — the base layer, and what weighs the least — the tiny triangle of ‘logic’ at the top.April takes her potential clients to coffee or lunch and sits down with them to get to know who they are.

It was a warm Thursday night in San Francisco, circa 9.00 pm.Our minds quickly process health and status information about someone. None of those are qualities I have ever found particularly attractive.Arguing against such behavior as “shallow” or “superficial” or accusing people of being “looks-based” is futile – attraction short-cuts are hard-wired into our reptilian brains. This is why you can become attracted to someone over time by getting to know them. We need to stop asking people this style of logic question because (it’s a separate issue and blog-post whether a romance-based model of relationships and marriages makes much sense in the first place).Enduring romantic love is so much more than the matching of genetic codes.In fact, these base attractions may be more harmful than helpful since what we’ve conditioned ourselves to find attractive on an instinctual level may not be our best match on a practical level.

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