Angdating daan

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So I boarded off the train and looked for the coordinating center in Libertad. There were two 7-11’s there: One inside the district and one by the highway. But the second time around, I found that it was near our place, and I went there. They indoctrinated me right then and there, and I continued from then on. I was a drunkard back then, but when I heard the words of Bro. Then I thought, when I was given a Bible in Catholicism it had payment. Eli’s words that time, I felt that my heart was touched and it got inculcated in me that these teachings are from the Bible. In Catholicism, the teachings are not read from the Bible.

I found a sister there and I asked, “Is this the coordinating center? The first time I got indoctrinated, I was so happy and even when I was already home. A verse from the Scriptures would be read, but then that’s it.

Eli Soriano who always encourages Church members to volunteer for worthwhile causes. Eli in a message: “You have a lot of good people, you motivate them to serve, because [we’re] never too old to serve.”MCGI, alongside its media partner UNTV, was also awarded by the Filipino Community Council of Australia (FILCCA) in October 2016 for supporting the latter in its advocacies by organizing regular blood donation initiatives, clean-up drives, and visits to eldercare facilities in also reaped awards and commendations throughout the years in broadcast since it first aired in 1980 as a 30-minute radio show in the Philippines.

During the 34th Dangal ng Bayan Awards in 2014, Bro.

It was on Youtube that I was able to search for whatever [teaching of Bro. But it was when I got indoctrinated, that’s when I started listening intently. I was assigned in Cavite for six years, and I listened to Bro. — — — — — Now, I heard on the radio that there was a locale near Blumentritt, where one of my children lived. That’s why I always hope, I always include the two of them in my prayers. My husband watches him also and he told me to watch it as well. I don’t want to listen.” Then one time when I did listen, there was a topic about Catholicism.

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NTUC Health director Jeannie Ho previously extended her gratitude to MCGI, especially to Overall Servant Bro.

Guinness World Records Adjudicator Fortuna Burke Melhem was present during the event held at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum to present the award.

UNTV is a major TV broadcast network with 24-hour programming.

Gawad Amerika is known and respected both in the Philippines and the United States for its commitment to community service.

Chorale – composed of MCGI members – bagged the award during the program’s 35th anniversary in 2015.

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