Ang dating daan vs

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These two preachers of God are partners in teaching the brethren during worship services, thanksgiving days and other activities, while delegating minor tasks to the ministers-in-charge so that they may attend to greater responsibilities like Bible expositions that cater to non-Filipinos in different countries.

Members of the Church of God International, the church Bro.Having no conviction, he is even an instrument of the devil. Almost all of them are liars and cannot stand for the truth. This idea is just the imagination of the ministers of Manalo, which they feed their viewers in Ang Tamang Daan.That is why it is noticeable that the direction of thoughts of the speakers in their program is to speak various lies against Bro. If it isn’t cheap and stupid, how will anyone believe such fantasy when every week brethren and guests hear and see Bro. Daniel Razon preaching through live video streaming not only in the Philippines but all over the globe? These liars, they are the ones actually doing what they accuse Bro. Petitioner next harps on the primacy of his freedoms, referring particularly to the exercise of his religious beliefs and profession, as presiding minister of his flock, over the right and duty of the state as parens patriae. To merit a "G" rating, the program must be "suitable for all ages," which, in turn, means that the "material for television [does not], in the judgment of the [MTRCB], x x x contain anything unsuitable for children and minors, and may be viewed without adult guidance or supervision." As previously discussed by the Court, the vulgar language petitioner used on prime-time television can in no way be characterized as suitable for all ages, and is wholly inappropriate for children.

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