Acceptable behavior christian dating

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ou’ve probably heard the expression before, “That’s inappropriate behavior.” It doesn’t mean that behavior is unacceptable to everyone.The dictionary defines behavior as activity in a human or animal.When God says to be kind and forgiving, one could say, “See, there’s another rule to follow.” Or, one could readily recognize that kind of behavior is based on loving others as you love yourself.

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" Answer: When we talk about “Christian” behavior, we are talking about the behavior of those who have accepted, by faith, Jesus Christ as their Savior and thus are indwelt with His Holy Spirit (Romans 8:9), making it possible for them to serve God.For example, in one home, cussing and swearing may be normal and acceptable behavior.But in another home, that would be considered inappropriate.A speed limit is in place to regulate behavior, even though some may drive safely at a higher speed.In the Bible, God addresses some kinds of behavior.

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