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Our idol Beyonce is reportedly quoted on the back of the original book saying, "It has worked for me," but considering she is the singer of the 2000 hit "Independent Women," we wonder if her quote may have been taken out of context.It goes without saying that not expressing yourself, not texting back men who are trying to hang out with you, and not letting guys know you're interested does NOT make sense to us.Personally, this editor sexted, lived with, and talked constantly at her now-husband and things turned out pretty dandy.Instead of what NOT to do, how about, "Just Be Your Wonderful Self?You can see that, as gets larger, the optimal value of settles down nicely to around .Which means that the best value of is roughly 37% of .

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It shows the values of on the horizontal axis and the best value of , the one that maximises the probability of ending up with X, on the vertical axis.

Sadly, a person you have dated and then rejected isn’t available to you any longer later on.

Among your pool of people, there’s at least one you’d rate highest.

We will call that person X — it’s who you’d ideally want to end up with.

Your strategy is to date of the people and then settle with the next person who is better.

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